Corporatism vs advancing society

Corporatism I feel is going to be a big issue because it reaches across party lines and as far as I’ve seen Ron Paul is the only one addressing the issue. First off we want free markets because free markets allow for a better standard of living even for the poorest in society. If we look at the World’s most free economies: Singapore or Hong Kong, their energy use per capita which is a good approximation for a standard of living, are leaps and bounds beyond any other country. Even though it is counter-intuitive that when people do less for each other in the form of social welfare in a society, the poor actually benefit more. When we have government programs that tax and spend to help the poor first we need to build a building to house the government workers, hire a bureaucrat to administer it, then hire a staff to work for the bureaucrat, and then use what money is left to actually help the poor. As we can see using this simplistic model is that waste is built into government thus logically even if there was less taken in as charitable donations compared to taxation, because the charitable foundations are more efficient than government the poor actually receive more. If you were hit be a natural disaster, who would you want to see, the red cross or fema?

Getting back to corporatism,…as long as we have planners in all the departments of our government who effectively chose winners and losers, the special interests will exist. This creates the revolving door between our different government agencies and the industries they are supposed to be regulating. Only by shrinking the size and scope of the federal government can we eliminate all the special breaks that all the special interests now receive. Anonymous is protesting campaign finance which is understandable after the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United, but that alone will not address the issue. Free markets are proven to be more efficient than central control, but we can only have free markets if we are ready to assume responsibility. The question you need to ask yourself is this: if I didn’t have to pay federal income taxes and I know that a portion of my tax dollars used to go to social welfare, would I take responsibility and donate to the local food bank? Only if we can say yes to that question can we advance society.