Support for Ron Paul Explained to a Five Year Old

The Age of Enlightenment resulted in a new idea that our rights weren’t something handed down to us from the king, but maybe instead we have natural rights because we are human. If we are to live without a king then these human right needed to be protected by the law. If our rights are protected we can do anything we want as long as we do not hurt other people. Right now we have more people in prison than any other country because people want to use the law to force onto others what they think is right. Once people start using our laws to make other people do what they think is right, there is no end of do gooders and the laws that people passed to do good, ultimately fail to do what they are supposed to. The problem is that every time makes a big law that effects lots of people, it is never as good as it is when all the people work together to work out their problems. When people work out problems on their own there are good solutions and there are bad solutions among the different groups. If we learn from each other then competing ideas for our many problems leads to more solutions as the bad ideas fail and the good ideas spread. The problem is that people see the failures and say we need to do something. They go to the politician that writes the laws and say we need to fix the problem. The politician will spend money to hire the best experts and come up with an idea to fix the problem. Since these problems effect a lot of people, whole groups of people will have competing ideas on which solution is best. Ultimately a small group of people decide on a law that effects many people. We believe that the more people can work out their problems if the laws are used to protect our natural rights or human rights instead of trying to do good. The more we rely on the experts to solve our problems the less we compete and the worse off all of us are. For 99% of the history of man, small groups of people told the rest of the world how to live. Freedom and Liberty are rare in this world and they need to be protected. The very nature of man destroys liberty as we ask for fixes to our problems. It is only a few men throughout history who have stood up for the principals of Natural Rights and Liberty. Ron Paul is one of those people.